Civil Law


Civil Law
1. Contract Law

Contract law regulates the exchange of goods and services. The great probative value of written agreements is shown by the binding force of their terms, making contract preparation a particularly important area of law specialization.

Our expert lawyers are able to:
- Negotiate contractual terms 
- Prepare any type of agreements and review contractual terms 
- Handle any breach of contractual terms and clauses 
- Handle contract annulment cases

2. Inheritance Law

Inheritance law is a very important sector of Civil Law, controlling the legal clarification on the deceased person’s estate distribution and defining the legal relationships the deceased has developed during his/her lifetime.

Our expert legal team can protect and secure our clients’ interests by:
- Informing about and explaining the inheritance law provisions on will preparation
- Revocation of wills 
- Inheritance lawsuits 
- Trusts and legacies 
- Settlement of inheritance disputes either extrajudicially or through litigation.
Our great attention to detail plays a key role in the successful outcome of inheritance disputes.

3. Family Law

Family matters are probably the law area with which citizens are mostly acquainted, as family relations are an integral part of their lives.

Family law is a special area related to sensitive personal issues that require delicate handling.

Our lawyers are mainly focused on the efficient and delicate handling of each case, regardless of its complexity, whether extrajudicially or through litigation.