Unfair Competition Law


Modern companies face an increasingly and extensively competitive environment.

We are experts in identifying and addressing the complex nature of unfair competition law and we work on guiding and empowering our clients to maximize the competitive advantage of their organizations.

We offer a perfectly structured network consisting of expert lawyers and economists who combine the knowledge of law and economics.


Our services include the following:
- Consulting on: the regulatory framework adopted on the protection of fair competition (Law 3959/2011) unfair competition 
and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union regarding restrictive practices and abuse of dominant position. 
- Compliance strategy to minimize unfair competition risk. 
- Consulting on mergers and joint ventures.
- Handling cases of counterfeit goods and services, misleading/comparative advertising, and counterfeit marks and domain names.
- Preparing agreements and negotiating contract terms.
- Revising contracts.
- Preparing guidelines and training client staff on compliance-related issues.
- Representation before the court in case of litigation

Our legal team works with clients on a constant basis and fully aware of their goals.

We provide consulting and litigation services on family law matters, including:

- Preparing premarital agreements 
- Preparing domestic partnership agreements
- Marriage annulments 
- Divorce processes 
- Parental responsibility 
- Property management 
- Guardianship