Scientific Work



Totsis Group has been publishing the “LOGISTIS” journal every month since 1954, printing around 10,000 copies read by at least 60,000 readers, accountants, tax consultants, economists, financial officers and business executives across Greece. We also publish an online edition, 10 days before the printed edition is published. “LOGISTIS” covers tax, accounting, labor and insurance issues, all tax reforms, and specific subjects, news, opinions and comments.

We also provide a series of scientific books including Tax Law codes with all individual relevant subjects, and interpretations of tax legislation and case-law..


The answer to modern-day needs. Clearly oriented towards development and drawing our strength from all of you who have been supporting our work for decades, we provide the LOGISOFT Database.

This is a digital library covering tax, accounting, financial and labor issues, in a direct and easily accessible manner. The LOGISOFT Database is the most comprehensive and reliable database, updated on a daily basis and guaranteed by the Totsis Group year-long expertise.