Labor & Insurance Law


Labor & Insurance Law

Greece has seen a number of radical changes over the past years, both in regulations that govern labor relations and the social and private insurance sector.

Our lawyers’ team has the required expertise.

Our goal is to help our clients run ahead of risks and opportunities, by identifying and anticipating the latest legislative proposals in jurisdictions related to our clients’ cases.

We provide services related to:
- Consulting services on labor law and labor dispute settlement issues; 
- Providing employers and employees with complete information on their rights and obligations under the Greek and EU law, including the right to equal pay for equal work, flexible working hours, and the anti-discrimination law in the workplace; 
- Preparing staff employment contracts and negotiating contract terms; 
- Addressing issues related to any breach of contract; 
- Fulfilling obligations to the Labor Inspectorate; 
- Termination of employment contracts; 
- Settlement of labor disputes through conciliation; 
- Representing our clients in court for labor disputes, such as enforcement or annulment of contract clauses, protection of confidential information, etc;
- Representing our clients in mediation and arbitration proceedings related to labor disputes.

Furthermore, our expert lawyers work together with our other departments and external contractors to help us provide services in even more complex areas of labor law. We can help settle labor disputes arising from company mergers, acquisitions and conversions and we provide innovative remuneration structures and investment options.