Consulting Services


Our consulting services aim at providing consulting services across the business planning and financial sector spectrum.

Our group mainly consists of highly-skilled economists, lawyers, accountants and external contractors with great expertise in the business world vision.

Our fields of expertise include the establishment and structure of a company; staff training; efficient strategies to help organizations develop; and introducing organizations to new technologies.

We can manage and handle tax, labor, insurance, corporate and any other legal issues.

Furthermore, we organize and carry out market research surveys in Greece and abroad, as well as training workshops.
Our consultants work closely with your company to:
- Assess your current position in the market. The best strategic plan is different for each company, taking into account the company’s specific circumstances, field of activity, financial position and overall picture of the target market;
- Set realistic and ambitious goals;
- Develop an efficient plan to promote your company’s competitive position;
- Develop a detailed implementation plan, to meet the particular needs of each organization.

Having built a long-term relationship with our clients, our team keeps guiding them in making progress, identifying growth opportunities and solving complex business issues.
We rely on innovation and creative thinking, the expertise of a large group, flexibility and closeness to our clients.